A very very emotional birth story from Sinead ❤️

On the 21st May Tuesday, I started to have very light contractions during the day. At that time my mum was here from England for the birth, and she persuaded me to go down into the town, to do some shopping. 😆So,Me, my contractions and my mum, went down to town and did some shopping and had a coffee. Later that evening, I felt like the contractions were getting stronger, so I decided to stay awake. The time had gone midnight, and I started feeling uncomfortable, and at around 2 AM, Whilst walking around my living room my waters broke, so I cleaned up the mess and told my husband Ali to call our Dr Aybala, and she suggested that we go to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital my contractions became really strong and I was Squeezing onto the back of my husband’s seat,as he drove ! That road to the hospital seemed like the longest road in the world.

When we arrived at the hospital we were taken to our room ,that’s when my contractions became quite intense and I was just trying to get in a comfortable position and be prepared for the next contraction. First I tried lying on the bed,(I found lying down made the contractions feel so much worse)which just didn’t work for me, then I tried all fours on the bed, which also didn’t work for me at all.Then one of the nurses brought me a Pilates ball, which was a godsend and really helped me get through the hours and hours of contractions.I spent most of my time on the ball,with my very supportive Husband holding my hands, every time a contraction came I bounced up and down on the ball, and then rested my head for a few minutes while waiting for the next contraction.

Another nurse then suggested taking a hot shower, so I took
the Pilates ball into the shower and I stayed there for a few hours, the sensation of the hot water on my back and being alone to concentrate helped me through for a while.

At some point during the night , I can’t really remember the time Dr. Aybala came, she was like an angel floating through the door and I just remember thinking “oh my goodness, she’s here to save me” Lol! When Dr. Aybala checked me ,she told me I was around 3 cm dilated and I was quite disappointed because I felt like I’d been through so much pain and I still had such a long time to go until 9 cm.But ,from talking to Dr. Aybala I felt a new lease of energy and I felt like I could get through the next few hours.A lot of people say that contractions are like period pains, but, I completely disagree ,my period pains do not feel like that! 😆 I remember there was a clock in the room above the television ,and I couldn’t stop looking at it .Advice to women in labour ,Do not look at the clock, because the time doesn’t move!

There were lots of nurses coming in and out the room to check if I was OK.Sometimes, I felt reassured and on other visits I felt irritated because I couldn’t understand everything they were saying (that was a difficult aspect when the midwives don’t speak your language). 

Dr. Aybala then came back in the morning, when the sun had risen and we chatted and she reassured me that the baby would be here by the early afternoon which really motivated me though the last hours . In the last hours of labour, I remember being lay on the bed and I had this over whelming desire to burst into tears ,and give up, but, then I went into fight or flight mode ,and I chose fight.

Dr Aybala then came back again in the late morning it must of been about 11.00 ,and that’s when I knew that we were going to have a baby very soon !
We tried for a short while in my hospital room to push,whilst my contractions were coming,but I felt like the plastic bed was too weak I needed something that could handle all of strength as I was pushing;So ,we went down to the delivery room (the room ,I said I defiantly didn’t want to give birth in ) and in there is where I felt completely in the zone to give birth ! I lay down in the bed and put my legs in the stirrups,and I remember doctor Aybala,saying “Are you ready to meet your baby “. So we began pushing ,and I pushed and I pushed and I pushed . But, what those pushes needed was 100% of my strength ,so using all of my strength and all of my determination (and breath ) I pushed some more ! During this time ,I started to feel tired and I felt like it would never end ,but my doctor just kept on motivating me “come on ,don’t you want to meet your baby “ , “come on just a few more pushes and your babies here “ ;And then at 12.45 pm on 22nd May my precious daughter was handed to me straight on to my chest ,she was warm and soft and I hugged her and said to my husband instantly “How did we create this “.The feeling was overwhelming.

Within an instant of my daughter being born ,I forgot about every single part of the night before ,the contractions, the pain, it all just disappeared .

Labour is physically demanding and when people ask me if it hurt ,I say “yes it did” and it was hard work ,that’s why it’s called ‘Labour’. BUT ,ask me again if I would do a natural birth without any pain relief and I’d say ,YES , I would .
Because with the right birth plan ,preparation (reading and exercising) and the right doctor ,it can be and was for me a smooth experience 🙏
Sinead Kale, Bodrum; 29.08.2019

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